Flag Counter Style is priceless

Style is priceless

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Ikiré Jones S/S ‘14: The Untold Renaissance

Wale absolutely killed it with this one. Having seen these jackets in person, I cannot even begin to describe the gnarliness of these pieces. It’s great to see someone like Wale holding it down for the city of Philadelphia. 

Also, I’ve tried on that belted yellow safari jacket, and I haven’t wanted to wear anything else for S/S since that moment. One of the most incredible lightweight outerwear pieces with which I’ve ever come in contact.

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Zink & Sons Bespoke Tailoring Sydney - http://styleisnot4pussys.tumblr.com/

Zink & Sons Bespoke Tailoring Sydney - http://styleisnot4pussys.tumblr.com/

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